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Sydney Kudeviz, LMSW

Sydney Kudeviz, LMSW

Clinical Therapist


I know that searching for a therapist can be daunting, so I’m glad you are taking the time to look for a therapist that is the right fit for you! I work with adolescents and adults of all identities who are open to working towards growth and change. I enjoy using a variety of tools in sessions including oracle cards, tarot cards, journaling, and EFT or tapping. I also use a person centered approach and humor and honesty as a way for myself and my clients to build safety and connection. I have experience navigating and understanding for clients and myself what it is like to live with chronic illness and complex medical issues, particularly chronic pelvic conditions including endometriosis and PCOS. I am happy to see clients virtually or in-person.
Approach to Therapy

I have experience working with children, teens, adults, and families who are experiencing anxiety, depression, disordered eating, identity issues, fertility, family of origin concerns, and other forms of trauma and stress. I am sex and sex worker positive, HAES aligned, and I am LGBTQIA+ and body-affirming, fat positive, and kink-aware. I am honored to be considered as a guide on your individual journey.

“Therapy is a place to cry and laugh, to be angry and to celebrate, to connect to the world or to find space for yourself. There is no one size fits all and it can look different every session.”

Fun facts about Sydney
Favorite Show: Veronica Mars
Favorite Candy: All Chocolate
Favorite Animal: My dog Redford
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