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Marissa Lecaros, LMFT-Associate

Marissa Lecaros, LMFT-Associate

Clinical Therapist
Supervised by: Kim Fry, MS, LMFT

About Marissa

As we move through life we experience all sorts of changes, and we start developing our own values, narratives, and beliefs. Sometimes life can get overwhelming and the feeling of stuckness creeps up. Seeking out therapy for the first time can be intimidating, and it can have cultural stigma surrounding it. I’m here to listen, support, and advocate for you! No matter what your current situation, I hope to help you process and regain your confidence. I strive to meet clients exactly where they are as one size does not fit all, and to be a warm, caring safe space.
Approach to Therapy

I enjoy working with teenagers, young adults, couples, and families in finding their narrative and working through identity, self-esteem, and life transitions. Anxiety, grief, and trauma are things I enjoy supporting people through as I do my best to meet people where they currently are. I believe in being transparent and inclusive in therapy, and I welcome individuals from all walks of life with an open heart and mind.

I am passionate about mind-body connection, health at every size, relational systems, and practicing mindfulness. My style is warm and empathetic but I will positively challenge my clients when needed. The therapeutic relationship is very important to me so I will always ensure that the client feels I am a good fit for their therapy journey. I would be honored to listen to your story and help you navigate your goals and find your voice.

Fun facts about Marissa
Favorite Show: Friends
Favorite Candy: Chamoy + Tajin covered Sour Patch Watermelon
Favorite Animal: Penguins and her dogs, Cusco and Leo
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