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Kim G. Fry, LMFT-S

Kim G. Fry, LMFT-S


About Kim

We all move through life with our own set of individual narratives and beliefs about self-worth, values, relationships, career, and so much more. What most people don’t recognize, however, is that that we usually didn’t choose these for ourselves. In therapy, I work to meet clients exactly where they are — I support them in bravely exploring and challenging narratives that may be contributing to feelings of current “stuckness” — so that they may develop the knowledge, confidence, and intentionality to heal and thrive.
Approach to Therapy

I use a warm and collaborative style designed to meet the specific needs of each client, and I particularly enjoy working with adult clients struggling with eating disorders, body image issues, self-esteem, compulsive exercise behaviors, and recovery from yo-yo dieting.

I strategically weave a combination of authentic validation, diverse resources, and ample psychoeducation – both in and outside of sessions – to support each individual in developing autonomy (whoop, there it is!) in their recovery.

No matter what stage of healing you may be in, I’m ready to meet you exactly where you are to support your journey forward.

Fun facts about Kim

Favorite Show: The Office
Favorite Candy: Sour gummies
Favorite Animal: Raccoons
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