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Jacqueline Robbins, LCSW

Jacqueline Robbins, LCSW


About Jacqueline

There are many reasons someone may choose to seek therapy. In a society where mental health is often misunderstood or put on the back burner, I am here to be a source of support and validation on your journey towards living your best life. I believe in the innate ability of individuals to drive change and aim to create a safe and accepting space to feel valued, heard, and understood.

I welcome people from all backgrounds, identities, and experiences with an open mind and humble curiosity to learn and understand. My goal is to empower clients in healing while offering support and teaching skills to help enhance life and meet goals. I will always take a client-centered approach to meet others exactly where they are and work collaboratively to meet your unique needs.

Approach to Therapy

I have experience providing mental health support to children, adolescents, and young adults across a diverse range of settings including residential treatment, outpatient treatment, and school-based services. I have supported individuals experiencing homelessness, systematic oppression, interpersonal conflict with family and peers, generational and complex trauma, and other concerns such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, body image issues, disordered eating, identity development, and adjustment disorders.

When working with kids, I have been trained in play therapy and strive to find creative therapeutic activities designed to teach skills related to their goals while incorporating individual interests. I work closely with families to provide psychoeducation and teach techniques that may be practiced and incorporated at home.

I am passionate about mindfulness, the mind-body connection, liberation through wellness, and health at every size promoting weight inclusivity, health enhancement, eating for well-being, respectful care, and life-enhancing movement. My style is compassionate and gentle but direct when needed. I value the importance of the relationship above all else in therapy and believe strongly in goodness of fit. The relationships I have with clients are very important to me, and I would be honored to join you on your journey towards healing.

Fun facts about Jacqueline

Favorite Show: Schitt’s Creek
Favorite Candy: Sour Patch Kids + anything dark chocolate
Favorite Animal: Puppies
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