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Isabel Keogh, Therapist-In-Training

Isabel Keogh, Therapist-In-Training

St. Edward’s Graduate Student
Supervised by: Jacqueline Robbins, LCSW

About Isabel

People seek therapy for a wide range of reasons. Mental health is something we all experience in our own way and it can look different for everyone, especially as we enter new seasons of life. Therapy is a place where you can be met with compassion and support for whatever you may be experiencing.

I am currently a graduate student pursuing a Master’s in Counseling. As a counselor, I like to incorporate several theories including person-centered therapy, narrative therapy, relational-cultural theory, and mindfulness-based techniques. I believe each person has the ability and desire to grow and change throughout their life. My goal is to create a welcoming and safe environment where you can be vulnerable and heard. I believe in finding a mind-body connection that is authentic to each individual person.

Approach to Therapy

I strive to provide a comfortable environment to honor your feelings and needs, where you can share challenges, celebrations, and everything in-between. I have experience providing support to adults, couples, and families encountering interpersonal conflict, body image issues, traumatic events, and relational issues. I also have experience treating folx presenting with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and life transitions.

Starting therapy can be intimidating and the unknown can sometimes be a source of stress. If you feel ready to begin, I look forward to working with you at a pace that feels comfortable and safe for you. My intention is to uplift all clients by helping to understand themselves, learn self-compassion, and develop new skills.

Fun facts about Isabel

Favorite Show: Succession, The Office, Love Island
Favorite Candy: Sour Patch
Favorite Animal: Cheetahs and their emotional support dogs
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