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Family Therapy & Counseling in Austin TX

Family & Couples Therapy

As humans, we are an interdependent species, meaning that we rely on one another to meet our most basic physical and emotional needs, beginning in infancy.

The patterns we learn and the messages we receive in childhood form our worldview and influence our future relationships in adulthood. Both family and couples therapy allow for individuals to understand the origins of their beliefs about relationships, the roles they assume, and patterns that may contribute to issues in communication and connection.

Family & Couples Therapy
Couples therapy provides the opportunity to improve communication and understanding within interpersonal relationships. We would be honored to work beside you to support you while strengthening your intimate and family relationships.

What is Couples Therapy?

When we form an intimate bond with another person, differences in our distinct personal histories can lead to miscommunication, arguments, and misunderstandings which affect the health of the relationship. Even the healthiest of relationships face challenges. That’s where couples therapy comes in! With the guidance of a couples therapist in Austin, TX, you and your partner can work to understand each other’s unique experiences, identify triggers that lead to insecurities and misunderstandings, and work to develop helpful communication strategies to foster a secure and safe relationship.

Common topics addressed in couples therapy include the following:

  • Affairs and infidelity
  • Conflict resolution
  • Connection
  • Maintenance
  • Identifying feelings
  • Communication skills
  • Attachment
  • Exploring the past
  • Beliefs, values, and goals
  • Finances
  • Family relations and children
  • External stressors (work, etc.)
  • Understanding needs and feelings of one another
Family & Couples Therapy

What are the benefits of couples therapy?

Couples therapy can be beneficial in any stage of a relationship ranging from premarital counseling to life transitions after many years together. In couples therapy at Autonomy Therapy, you and your partner may work to understand each other’s values, explore communication styles, work towards conflict resolution, and reinvigorate your connection.

Working with a couples therapist may provide the following benefits:

  • Having someone to act as a neutral mediator, allowing couples to address multiple perspectives that may not always be evident
  • Developing effective communication skills
  • Learning how to express one’s needs confidently and without anger in order to avoid resentment
  • Exploring the roots of conflict and insecurities
  • Identifying one another’s triggers and insecurities to glean a better understanding of each other’s behaviors
  • Learning acceptance of one another’s individual experiences
  • Gaining tools to resolve conflict in a helpful way
  • Increased trust, closeness, honesty, and security
  • Decreased avoidance or detachment
  • A safe space to explore difficult topics and to be vulnerable with one another
  • Understanding each other’s beliefs, values, goals, needs, and desires
Family & Couples Therapy

Family Therapy in Austin TX

What is Family Therapy?

Common issues in family therapy include the following:

  • Blended families
  • Parenting
  • Divorce and separation
  • Substance abuse and addiction
  • Eating disorders
  • Boundaries
  • Communication
  • Finances
  • Grief and loss
  • Concerns with children and adolescents
  • Parent and child conflict
  • Conflict around culture, religion, and lifestyle
  • Sibling conflict
  • Caregiver stress

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What are the benefits of family counseling?

  • A dedicated space to foster connection
  • A family therapist can point out family dynamics and facilitate discussion of family issues from each member’s perspective
  • Improving communication by getting a clearer understanding of family roles and dynamics
  • Problem-solve as a team with the assistance of a trained professional
  • Exploring cycles and sequences that keep the family unit stuck and coming up with alternatives
Family & Couples Therapy

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Autonomy Therapy’s Approach to Family & Couples Therapy

  • Partners have independent experiences and histories in addition to their partnership

  • An individual’s own personal experiences can detract from or contribute to a secure bond with their partner

  • Events within one individual’s life also affect their partner

  • Experiences that are shared by a couple may affect them individually and in different ways altogether

  • These differences in experiences can lead to misunderstanding, isolation, trust issues, avoidance, and detachment resulting in a less secure relationship, loneliness, conflict, and pursuing intimacy in outside relationships

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At Autonomy Therapy, our family and couples therapists are here to create a non-judgmental, caring environment for you, your partner, and your family. We value a holistic approach to healing and would love to support healing in your most intimate relationships. Let a family or couples therapist help today:

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