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Brittany Link Alvarez-Lee, NCC, LPC-Associate

Brittany Link Alvarez-Lee, NCC, LPC-Associate


Supervised by Elizabeth Devine, LPC-S

About Brittany

Finding a new therapist can be a challenge. My aim is to make that process feel safe and empowering. In my experience, therapy is powerful because it allows us all to feel the connection, catharsis, and deep introspection that we lack in our day to day lives. A meaningful therapeutic alliance allows us to explore, heal, laugh, and adapt through challenges that are inevitable within the human experience. I would be honored to be a facilitator and witness as you take this brave step.
Approach to Therapy

I have experience working with children, adolescents, and adults in residential treatment centers, homeless shelters, non-profits, intensive outpatient programs, and private practice. I have experience with clinical case management, individual therapy, and group therapy. I like to take a person centered approach to therapy and believe that clients benefit from being empowered to seek autonomy and integration.

As an artist and avid believer in the power of therapy, I love to incorporate play, movement, humor, and artistic expression into the therapeutic space. Removing judgment, fear, and expectation from immersive art making, story telling, and play often creates so much space for healing.

Fun facts about Brittany
Favorite Show: The Magicians
Favorite Candy: Hot Tamales
Favorite Animal: Sea otters because they’re so playful and creative!
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