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Alicia Cornwell, Therapist-In-Training

Alicia Cornwell, Therapist-In-Training

St. Edward's Graduate Student
Supervised by: Jacqueline Robbins, LCSW

About Alicia

Navigating life’s unexpected twists and turns isn’t always easy. You don’t have to do it alone. Thank you for your curiosity and courage in taking this step on your healing journey.

I am currently a graduate student pursuing a Master’s in Counseling. I like to draw from several theories including narrative therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and attachment theory, all of which I integrate with a relational approach. I also like to incorporate my artistic and creative background in music, theatre, dance, and drawing in sessions and encourage clients to bring their unique identities to the space as well.

I believe everyone is the author of their own unique story. You have the power to re-write and shape your story in a way that is authentic and empowering for you, and I am here to support you in the process. I strive to create an environment of compassion, curiosity, and creativity where you feel safe to be yourself, to discover yourself, and to step into yourself. I am extremely passionate about Health at Every Size and pushing back on diet-culture and societal expectations so that clients may foster a strong mind-body connection rooted in their individual values.

Approach to Therapy

I have experience working with children, teens, young adults, and couples on a wide array of struggles including but not limited to anxiety, depression, gender identity and sexuality, disordered eating and eating disorder recovery, chronic illness, life transitions, and PTSD and trauma recovery. I work to create a safe space to pause and reflect on life’s challenges and our human experience. I practice from a place of authenticity, compassion, and curiosity to meet you wherever you are on your journey.

Whenever you’re ready, I look forward to collaborating with you to create a dynamic therapeutic alliance that is affirming, empowering, and unique to your individual needs and goals. I truly value my relationship with my clients and it would be an honor to join you in your healing journey!

Fun facts about Alicia

Favorite Show: Stranger Things, Dance Moms, Lizzie McGuire
Favorite Candy: Jelly beans
Favorite Animal: Cats and woodland creatures
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